For Virginia Beach City Treasurer

 I know what it takes to run a successful organization/business that is focused on measurable goals and objectives while delivering tangible results to the people who have a stake in the outcome. The key elements in every job I’ve tackled is hiring the best people, fostering inclusion in the workplace, providing excellent customer service and providing openness and transparency in all financial matters. Those leadership skills are what I’m committed to bring to the job as your Treasurer day one.

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Experience means nothing if you are not transparent. I will order an independent audit on day one and establish fundamental standards for conduct and operational procedures missing under the current regime.


Why is the City Treasurer using a 30 year-old tax collection system? I will replace it with a more secure process that will cut costs and raise revenue. I will work with the Commissioner of the Revenue to coordinate services and do more together for you.


I will make more services available online and cross-train employees to provide full and fast service because I dont want you standing in line.


I will provide quarterly reports on all areas of office operations. I want you to know how I manage the billing, collections and investment of your money. If there is a question or problem, the buck stops with me.


Join Pam and help Elect Laura as your next City of Virginia Beach Treasurer by contributing today!

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